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These are a few testimonials from some of Trezi's breastfeeding and exclusive breastfeeding Mom's:

"Trezi always stressed that I needed to be patient. This was the most

beneficial information that helped me in being successful in my breastfeeding. She also gave me the "Supple Cups" that helped resolve my flat nipple problem. The only virtue I still practice

today in my breastfeeding is patience which is the key to it all. Without the patience my baby girl may not have gotten the best quality of milk that she deserves. Trezi was also very good about answering my questions even if she had to do some research to answer my questions. She was there for me whenever I needed her and she went out of her way to help me through this journey of nursing my precious "Bundle of Joy". Trezi is the BEST!!!" Danbury, Connecticut
"I had sore, cracked and flat nipples. It was painful during and after the feeding with pain radiating though my breasts. I was so tense I was unable to breastfeed my baby. I

felt so hopeless in breastfeeding, as I was always in pain and felt there was something wrong. Trezi, first of all, gave me the diagnosis of "thrush" which was treated immediately.

Then the "Supple Cups" that she gave me to correct my flat nipples did wonders. After a few days of treating my "Thrush", I was able to use the "Supple Cups" and breastfeed my baby without any difficulty.
Also, it seemed as if my nipples were always turning white at the end of my feeding. Trezi also suggested the diagnosis of "Raynaud's Phenomenon" and mentioned I should keep my breasts and my body as warm as possible which helped me feel so much better. Later on my baby suffered with gases and cried a lot. Trezi suggested that I eliminate milk from my diet which was most helpful.
Lastly, I am very grateful for all of your help: your instructions and explanations i.e. such as offering one breast per feeding, proper latching/positioning and the signs when the baby is full have been very beneficial.
Trezi, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for how much you have helped me! I am so thankful for all of your help, as I am able to enjoy
breastfeeding for the first time in my life! God Bless You!!!" Bethel, Connecticut
"My baby was very fussy and wasn't sleeping at night even though I knew my baby's latch was good.
My pediatrician kept telling me to offer some formula. I didn't want to do that. When I spoke with Trezi, she explained that my baby was not getting the hind milk which is high in fat. My baby was only getting the first milk which is sweet and has protein. She told me I should only use one breast for a feeding.
After a few feedings, my baby started to sleep more at night and wasn't fussy anymore. I was so happy Trezi told me the right answer and not to give up breastfeeding like the Dr. did. Also, I had a concern with birth control: my OB and pediatrician both told me it would be OK to use progestin. I wasn't happy with their answer, so I spoke with my Lactation Consultant, Trezi once again. She explained as long as the baby exclusively breastfeeds for six months and is pacified only on the breasts (no use of pacifiers, bottles, water or supplemental foods), this will prevent another pregnancy for six months. Isn't mother nature so amazing? Breastfeeding not only gives my baby the best quality of milk, it has the perfect temperature, the best of nutrients, it's easy to digest and it's a natural birth control. Thank you, Trezi."
Ossining, New York
"I almost gave up - it was so painful.

Trezi's persistant encouragement is what kept me going through the early days of my breastfeeding.
Trezi mentioned that my baby was latching-on and positioned well and assured me that I was doing great. Also, Trezi's 'Song' helped me remember to do everything in the correct 'order'. Playing

with my baby before the feeding helped me in developing a bond in those early days.
We are doing perfectly now, and we're very grateful for Trezi's help: thank's a million Trez!"
San Jose, California
"Your advice and demonstrations on properly positioning the baby, skin to skin contact, breast massage and latching-on properly were very beneficial.
As you know, it is still a bit of a struggle to get her to breastfeed, but as a result of your guidance on pumping, my baby has had a 99% breast milk diet since birth.
We found the Avent pump you provided to work much better for us than the Medella Harmony. The Medella Electric Pump n' Style, and the commercial version get the job done much more effectively when we're at home. The Avent still is part of the diaper bag kit, as it is the best one for on the road. As you know, I pump every 2-3 hours and except for a few instances have been able to keep up with my baby's ravenous demands. That first two weeks as my milk was coming in had it's stressful moments, but it would have been perilous without your clinics.
Your personal concern and attention were both heartwarming and reassuring in our moments of doubt. I can't thank you enough for helping us to reach our very important goal of raising our baby on precious Mother's Milk!" 
"Trezi has been a fabulous lactation consultant. She has taught me
everything from how my body works for the baby to how the baby feeds.
Because of Trezi I have had no problems nursing my son; no sore nipples, no clogged ducts, no nothing. I have come to realize the joy of breastfeeding and the satisfaction of knowing that I am doing what is best for my son. Thank you Trezi for all of your help I could not have done it without you!"
Jacksonville, Florida










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