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Trezi is aware that breastfeeding is a learned art, and it is not suppose to hurt when a Mom breastfeeds. If breastfeeding hurts, something is not right. Sometimes the answer could be as simple as re-positioning the baby in the Mom's arms. All concerns need to be assessed and corrected right away by an IBCLC.

Danbury, Connecticut 2006
St. Pierre, France 2009
Sandy Springs, Georgia 2012

Lespinassier, France 2012

Kansas City, Kansas 2014


Jacksonville, Florida 2016

When Trezi consults, she presents material which is only evidence based, she advises Moms on all aspects of breastfeeding and supports the mother and the baby dyad with a compassionate heart. Trezi not only consults on the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding, she also advises expectant Moms on prenatal nutrition and helps them in minimizing their prenatal symptoms. She also works with the Moms on infant and child nutrition when it is warranted. She also specializes in breastfeeding with Mom's that have flat/inverted nipples.

During the home visit, Trezi will:

-assess the Mother and the infant
-weigh the infant before and after the breastfeeding consult
-demonstrate all six breastfeeding positions
-show how to massage the breast before and during the consult
-illustrate positioning of the infant on to the breast
-communicate how to assess if baby is getting enough milk
-other breastfeeding tidbits
-disclose some responsibilities for Dad


Whether the lactation or breastfeeding training is in a hospital, in an office or classroom setting, Trezi's goal is to reach as many prenatal Moms as possible prior to their delivery. If she is able to reach them and teach them all about the art of breastfeeding, they should not have problems after the delivery.

First Coast Women's Services Jacksonville, Florida 2021

North East Florida Breastfeeding Coalition (Zoom Presentation) Jacksonville, Florida 2021


First Coast Women's Services, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 2020














First Coast Women's Services, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 2020


North East Florida Breastfeeding Coalition, Jacksonville, Florida 2019

First Coast Women's Services, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 2018

 North Eastern Florida Breastfeeding Coalition, Jacksonville, Florida 2018

First Coast Women's Center, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 2017

Centro Medico, Samana, Dominican Republic 2014

Association "Il Nido" Rome Italy 2014
The Women's Clinic - Grandview, MO 2013
Northeast Florida Lactation Coalition - Jacksonville, FL 2013
Northeast Florida Lactation Coalition - Jacksonville, FL 2012
The Women's Clinic - Independence, MO 2011
Duval County Health Department WIC - Jacksonville, FL 2011
Hopeline Pregnancy Resourse Center - Danbury CT 2011
MARO WIC Program Breastfeeding Coordinators Meeting - NYC 2010

Hudson Valley Regional Perinatal Forum - Breastfeeding Committee - New York, 2010

Westchester County WIC - Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training, Yonkers, New York 2010

Portchester Open Door Family Medical Center, Portchester, New York 2010

Westchester County Department of Health WIC - White Plains, New York 2010

MARO WIC Program Breastfeeding Coordinators Meeting - NYC 2009

Colegio Medico - San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America 2009

Carmelita Clinica El Carmelo - Soyapango, El Salvador, Central America 2009
MARO WIC Program Breastfeeding Coordinators Meeting - NYC 2008
Caritas Baby Hospital - Bethlehem, Israel 2008
Town Hall Liski, Poland 2005

Nurses 1st Congress - Izmir, Turkey 2006

San Lucas Los Cabos, Mexico 2007

When it is time for Moms to return to their workplace, it is most important that the Mom's employer supports her decision in breastfeeding and allows her to pump at work. This benefit reduces the absenteeism and turnover rate in the workplace. It also increases the Mom's morale and makes her more loyal to the company. This enhances the company's image of being baby-friendly and saves in retraining new employees. When corporations support breastfeeding, the baby will be healthier because of Mom's milk. In addition, when the babe is healthier the Mom will be at work more.

All Dad's or significant others are encouraged to participate in the training: breastfeeding Moms are most successful when they receive all the support they and their infant deserve. Even Grandparents and girl friends are welcome to attend as well.

Trezi is an expert when it comes to training, as she creates an entertaining and a memorable time for all expectant Moms. She makes sure her training is fun as it has a twist to it which facilitates the learning process.










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